WELCOME TO The Breakout Room!

The PlanNet Education Series introduces a unique, engaging and safe educational environment for getting answers to relevant and timely topics. Industry professionals are seeking more from their education but there are topics addressed at in-person meetings that just don't reach their potential because attendees fear asking questions in front of peers or they are intimidated by crowds, reducing the impact and desired results. Economic conditions have also enhanced the value of alternate learning methods.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is a trailblazer by sponsoring The Breakout Room and investing in your education. Join the Great Minds in the meetings industry as they uncover the business of meetings right from your desk and at no cost. This is not a webinar, it is a webcast, bringing audio and video together over the Internet with engaging interviews, panel discussions and live audience Q&A., fast paced journey into issues meeting and convention planners are faced with today. The first Webisode was broadcast on December 17th, 2010, and is already available for viewing on demand. All broadcasts will be recorded and available for later viewing on demand.

We want you to be an integral part of the The Breakout Room. Be yourself or be anonymous, either way, we encourage your input, comments feedback, and questions so you get the most from the series.

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