Live instructor led on-site courses as well as webinar based formats are available. Web based training is instructor led, by Pete Hanley himself, or trained colleagues. Though we provide recorded sessions most training is live.
Webinars are just like being in a classroom, only on your own computer. The instructor shares their screen with you and you hear their voice through your computer speakers or over the phone (your choice). You will be able to ask live questions during most of the sessions.

This is not a "death by slide" presentation - our training is designed to be engaging and interactive. In fact, you can ask questions during the session! Everything happens from the comfort of your computer where you'll see and hear the presenter's computer screen and voice for the duration of the session.
The online course is one-hour in length and includes the opportunity for Q & A following the session.
  • Tried to print an Excel document but can't get it right
    E-mailed a document without realizing it contained hidden information
    Wasted countless hours clicking, in search of the one feature you needed
    Spent hours cleaning Excel spreadsheets to prepare a mail merge or rooming list
    Retyped the same addresses, phrases and responses in documents and e-mail on your PC or mobile device and wished there was a way to make it easier
    Missed an appointment in your Outlook calendar because it was scheduled for a different time zone
This continuing education course is only $65.00. We also offer Group Discounts for individuals from the same organization, private sessions by request, as well as a FREE TRAINING Promotion for new or renewing PlanNet clients. Call us at (703) 778-9000 ext. 111 for details and more information.
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it's not about app envy

It's about having the right tools and knowing how to apply them. We can talk all we want about innovation, budget, alignment and a seat at the table but it's about translating opportunities into results. Working Smarter in Microsoft Office & Beyond provides ways to apply Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook to solve everyday time-consuming administrative challenges. We share valuable apps and add-ons that increase efficiency and enhance results. If you've spent hours doing a task in Excel, or ever had to do the same task more than once, you should try this one-hour course.

We guarantee your satisfaction. The best part, in less than an hour, right from your desk, you'll learn valuable skills you can lean quickly and use often. Contact us about live courses too, or even personalized webinars for your organization. Call 703-778-9000 x101 or create your account to watch this on-demand video training now.

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"Very helpful and I really enjoyed Peter's presentation style and his willingness to help those of us that were a bit technically challenged."
- Danielle F.

"I think that this is one of the VERY best educational sessions I have yet attended; thank for putting this together!"
- Deborah P.

- David G.