Web based training is led by Pete Hanley, President & CEO of PlanNet. Pete is a seasoned trainer and BlackBerry master and has over 8 years of BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) administration experience. The entire training event is live, just like being in a classroom, only on your own computer. You will see the instructor's screen and hear his voice. You will also be able to ask questions via a chat format during the session.
The online course is one-hour in length and includes the opportunity for Q & A following the session.
If you own a BlackBerry don't miss this class. This is not a "techie" presentation; it's designed for everyday users, but we have found that IT professionals responsible for BlackBerry support in their own organization benefit greatly as well because they learn tips and techniques they can share with their users to help them work more efficiently. We even discuss the benefits of the different devices types for those considering upgrading. (Note to BlackBerry Storm users: unique characteristics of this BlackBerry are not discussed in this session but we do take Q&A following the session that can address questions unique to the touch-screen device.)
This continuing education course is only $65.00. We also offer Group Discounts for individuals from the same organization, private sessions by request, as well as a FREE TRAINING Promotion for new or renewing PlanNet clients. Call us at (703) 778-9000 ext. 111 for details and more information.
Complete the online registration form to reserve your seat and to process payment (we accept : MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). You will receive an e-mail confirmation after your registration is complete.

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The PlanNet Education Series: BlackBerry Webinar is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced BlackBerry users. We guide participants through a series of interactive exercises that cover basic to advanced features and tips on using the BlackBerry for work and play. We have extensively tested the course to ensure this is an exceptional experience. We guarantee your satisfaction. The best part, it's not a whole day of training, but rather a short class of tips you can learn quickly and use often. Contact us about live courses or personalized webinars for your organization at 703-778-9001 x101 or create your account to watch an on-demand video training now.

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"I enjoyed meeting you and learning from a true BlackBerry expert!"
- David K.

"Well organized presentation that resulted in immediate application."
- David R.

"Excellent presentation and who knew there were enough features on the blackberry for an hour-long webinar? I think it could easily have been 2 hours or even more!"
- Bess V.

"Great presentation - liked the pace - fast works for me! I'm using the 'T' and 'B' tricks daily!"
- Michele S.