Welcome to the PlanNet Educational Series

PlanNet is best known for online registration, site selection, hotel contract negotiation, and meeting logistics, but it's our creativity and application of technology that sets us apart. The efficiencies we gain from our advanced use of technology, our domestic and international experience, combined with the passionate commitment of our team, helps us work smarter for you.

Working Smarter Logo

Working Smarter is a continuing education opportunity created to share information and techniques that are easy to learn and will be used often. There are unlimited ways to accomplish the same task and the way we learned the task isn't always the most efficient. These interactive learning sessions include live on-location instructor led classes or webinar training to fit your diverse learning style. It is not a death-by-slide presentation but rather an experience-sharing learning event.

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The Breakout Room

The PlanNet Education Series introduces a unique, engaging and safe educational environment for getting answers to relevant and timely topics. Industry professionals are always seeking to enhance their education but there are certain topics that do not reach their full potential at in-person meetings because attendees fear asking questions in front of peers or they are intimidated by large crowds. The Breakout Room strives to be an anonymous, yet interactive forum ...

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